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1. The Muslims in India are a very large minority even today; their situation is totally different from that of the Dalits and other non-forward castes.

1a. Till 150 years ago, there were dozens of Muslim rulers of states all over India.Some of them were discriminatory in favour of Muslims. Some, like Mysore, less so. Hyderabad state was ruled by the hereditary Nizam till after 1947. Even later, the civil services and society in general in Hyderabad was Muslim- dominated. It was only after the formation of "Andhra Pradesh" state in the late 50s that the complexion changed, and the vigorous landowner Reddys and others from the coastal provinces which were formerly in Madras presidency began their takeover of power in AP.

2. "Reservation" of seats for backward castes is only one step taken to ameliorate their situation. There is also reservation of jobs. All government posts are subject to reservation quotas. This goes all the way through Professor's positions at government Universities. Partly as a result, a lot of the more influential "Backward castes" have gotten preferential treatment, which has not affected those at the bottom.

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