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FrameTank makes a lot of sense. We need to have inforamtion available in different chunks and forms. Would it also make sense to have some way of collecting visuals and other ideas to effectively present the frames?

What you need first is a frame:namespace to parallel the term:namespace (for all those terms you don't want to use any more, you must explain why in one place) and the position:namespace (for all those positions you want to fight or reinforce with your new language). And yes you can put the visuals there...
ThinkTank, FrameTank, MemeTank are not all clearly related, and their names are questionable since who wants to reinforce "tank" as if we are doing all this in a factory vat? Or worse creating a weapon of war, which a "tank" is? And why is there a FrameShop also but not a MemeShop or ThinkShop? This is just silly. Do this without all these WikiWords.
And there is not enough use of issue/position/argument format yet. You don't necessarily find the right position just by editing back and forth here, you need to put some positions out there on what the frame really should be.
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