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--Pyrrho 02:22, 28 Jun 2004 (PDT)I don't think there is much question about it... you can't just swap out all the text wherever you get the replacement, including writing it yourself. The point of this wiki is not just to have the resource, to dump factual information and get the best article bar none... the point is creating the article, it's collaborating on the article. If unique insight comes up that's a matter of potential, inspiration and hope, but all secondary to trying really. You cannot just stomp with text, if it's better or not makes no difference.

You can INFORM the article with what you have read or you can inform it with something you've previously written, by integrating in the strongest points of your additional material.

--Centerfielder 09:28, 27 Jun 2004 (PDT) While I did ask in a dKos diary entry for contributions to this page, a wholesale replacement was not what I had in mind. I've left a note for Angie in WA State here, and am less inclined to make Electoral College the next FA now.

Hrm... original author of this page was Tunesmith... was the authorship lost somehow?

--Alan 17:54, 14 Nov 2004 (PST) I think this article needs editing badly. Among other things it does not address the extensive corruption in Roman electoral assemblies, and argues in favour of the electors as individuals and then calls for them to be abolished. The article's not good history and it's certainly not good politics or constitutional design.

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