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Nephalim's Comments

Anyone interested in this topic please if you are so inclined email me. If you have any questions or comments on my series also please email me (especially so).

This topic is grossly ignored and I welcome with open arms *ANY* attempt to bring it to the public's attention and importance.

I do however am not *as* interested in canabis-only reform. That is inevitable and long overdue. It's probably the safest drug in existance.

My list of diaries as well as other parts of the page need a bit of un-html'ing, feel free to do so, I have more important things to do than deal with technical issues that don't make a difference to the page.

Democrat4Obama wholly altered this page with adolescent spam. I reverted it to last revision before his spamming. He also uploaded a picture somewhere in WikiUniverse that went with his changes. When it reverted, the picture disappeared.

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