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Ohwilleke The second paragraph which states that no communist party has ever won a democratic election is incorrect.

Certainly, communist parties (as distinct from Democratic Socialist parties) in Western European nations have won seats in parliamentary elections. Indeed, the history of Italian politics, for example, is characterize by the continuing effort to sustain coalitions that included neither communist parties, nor facist parties, something that left just 50-60% of the parliament left, split among many parties (five main ones) to form coalitions. Also, in Russia, some communists have won electoral seats. While I am not an encyclopedia who can cite chapter and verse, I think it is fair to say that some communist parties may also have been in coalition goverments on some occasions.

Also, the history of a great many third world communist regimes is that the communists did win in an initial democratic election and then shut down the competition once acquiring power.

I'm not going to change this entry immediately, so as to allow a response, but I think that it need to be amended.

Your first point is well-taken. What I intended, and should have written, is that no communist party has ever won a democratic national election.
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