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I loved this essay, but I disagree with one part.

Attacking Reds would cause American's that support Bush to experience something they hadn't before. They would feel the cost of war - that could backfire.

I think Blue's are a much more likely target. Bush would strengthen his position. There would be a smugness in the air. And Blues tend to live closer together, making it easier.

I predict that just as the attack was on a Blue State on 9/11, the next attack will also be on Blue. SF maybe…something close to our heart.

Spain withdrew troops from Iraq but that did not stop the terror , why ? More attacks were planned in Spain . Agitators called for Jihad in Spain long before the Iraq war .

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Give a thought to how people are going to read your words. "Reds" reads as "Commies" to old folks like me. Odd that the Republicans would choose the red flag.
If "reds" is "republicans," then attacking the World Trade Center was an attack on the pocketbook of big business, and the connection there is to the Republicans, no? As far as I know, however, the symbolic motivation was to strike at something that represented the power of the First World over the economies of the rest of the world. It's odd that the disparity between incomes of the super rich and the super poor is the largest single motivating force that attracts bomb fodder to al-Quida et al., but Bush is doing everything he can do to make the differential even greater. That makes him an enemy of working people all over the world, but a (hopefully) unwitting ally of al-Qaida. Mismanaging the war in Iraq makes a great incentive for Salafist recruitment.
The aim of tne next attack will not be to tick off the Democrats (or the Republicans either, for that matter). The reason for guerilla attacks don't boil down to schoolyard intimidation. The goal is to (1) force the enemy into couinterproductive attacks, (2) create internal divisions (so watch for attacks that might turn blacks and whites and browns more against each other), (3) cause disorientation, inability to coordinate efforts, and, ultimately, social breakdown. So ask yourself where all these fectors fan out from a single point. Ask where one attack could loosen cohesion/cooperation among races, economic classes, political ideologies, sectarian religious groupings, etc. Ask also what would serve as a symbol for American intrusiveness abroad, either in the field of "crusade" or in the field of monopolization of natural resources.
What did Spain do to make them a target of opportunity for the Salafists? Could it have anything to do with a lingering authoritarian tradition o