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I believe that our policy makers in washingto DC have made a statement that their will be no draft and that threre is no need of one. Well that is what they say but what I quite actually hear is 40 million screaming kids arguing with their government again. And I believe that they (the government) may have considered this extensively and don't want to go through all of that again. Such an influence would encouage a development of an oppositon party. Of cource with what NIXON's refers to as the "silent majority" who have established power in a conservative realm have been protected in order to maintain the developments in political philosophies that are becoming accepted as the norm. The treat of life and limb places a reality towards those who are subjectively drafted that everything accepted is questioned and "SOUND POLICY" disolves into a differant opinion that may or may not be TOLORATED. Generally I asume that we dont want policy to change and public opinion to be disuaded either. REagan refered to the "moral majoity" and that term may still be prevolent but I am quite sure that they are the same thing and is very much taken into acount as to how we become established nation.

                               gerald bauske
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