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This page should list the most used tags for the hottest and most common people names and related tags for the subject matter where they come up in a new "hot issues".

Listing names on this page means you have verified that the tag you are adding is the way the community has already developed as the "most used." Download the current all tags list.

The General rule: names should include the first and last name and that where there could be confusion as with "George Bush," middle initials should be used. EX:
George W. Bush
George H.W. Bush

If you don't find what you want check the List of Approved Tags Page or here are some other pages to check:
Politicians | The Bush Family | Government Offices and Committee Names | Political Organizations | Non-Political Organizations | News & Media organizations, Commentators, Blogs & bloggers




John Kenneth Galbraith, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek


Lester Thurow Milton Friedman Robert Lucas Amartya Sen


George Lakoff

Entertainment Personalities

Michael J. Fox - make sure the period is added after the "J"
Re his 2006 election ads and the Rush Limbaugh controversy
Joe Klein, Rush Limbaugh, Daily Kos, stem cells, Parkinsons,

Oprah Winfrey Not just "Oprah"


Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn

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