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A sprawling district designed to defeat a Democrat (which it failed to do), the TX-17 takes in Somervell, Hood, Johnson, Bosque, Hill, McLennan, Madison, Grimes, and Brazos Counties, as well as parts of Robertson, Burleson, and Limestone Counties. It is George W. Bush's home district. Democrat Chet Edwards (hw) is the incumbent.


2006 election

  • Chet Edwards (D): 93,198 58% (hw) (cw)
  • Nicholas Vancampen "Van" Taylor (R): 64,617 40% (cw)
  • Guillermo Acosta (Libertarian): 2,518 2% cw

2004 election

  • Chet Edwards, incumbent, (D): 125,309; 51.19%
  • Arlene Wohlgemuth (R): 116,049; 47.41%
  • Clyde L. Garland (L): 3,390; 1.38%

2002 election

  • Charlie Stenholm, incumbent, (D): 84,136; 51.36%
  • Rob Beckham (R): 77,622; 47.38%
  • Fred Jones (L): 2,046; 1.24%

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Note: Texas redrew its districts after the 2000 census, for the 108th Congress and again in 2003 for the 109th Congress (see 2003 Texas redistricting). This list and map reflect the most recent (109th Congress) redistricting.

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