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Democrat Rubén Hinojosa (hw) is the incumbent.


2006 election

  • Rubén Hinojosa (D): 35,382 60% (cw)
  • Paul Haring (R): 16,790 29% (cw)
  • Edward Romero "Eddie" Zamora, Jr. (R): 6,387 11%
    • Note: This district's lines were ruled unconstitutional. Per a Federal Court Order, the primary results were nullified; this election was open to all comers, with a runoff ordered if no one attained a simple majority (which Hinojosa in fact did attain). UPDATED MAP HERE. ([1])

2004 election

  • Rubén Hinojosa, incumbent, (D): 96,089; 57.76%
  • Michael D. Thamm (R): 67,917; 40.82%
  • William R. Cady (L): 2,352; 1.41%

2002 election

  • Ruben Hinojosa, incumbent, (D): 66,311; 100.00%
  • Uncontested race.

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Note: Texas redrew its districts after the 2000 census, for the 108th Congress and again in 2003 for the 109th Congress (see 2003 Texas redistricting). This list and map reflect the most recent (109th Congress) redistricting.

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