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Susan B. Ralston Photo has worked for some of most reprehensible people in American politics. She worked as Executive Assistant for both Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff, and once worked for the former Christian Coalition head, Ralph Reed.

On July 29, 2005, she testified before the Plame investigation grand jury.

A Congressional Report found that Ralston had accepted gifts from Abramoff while she was working inside the White House. (Source:Report Says Rove Aide Accepted Abramoff Gifts, by James V. Grimaldi and Susan Schmidt, Washington Post, Sept. 30, 2006, p. A3.) She resigned five days later.


Ralston was born in the Philippines to Teotimo D. Bonzon and Purificacion Lagman Bonzon. She is married to one Troy Alan Ralston, Regional Director of Operations for DeVry University's [[Keller Graduate School of Management. They live in Woodbridge Virginia. Ralston attended [Loyola University Chicago and received an M.B.A. from the Keller Graduate School of Management. Rolling Stone article [1]


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