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Our efforts thus far in combatting al Qaeda have failed because we are feeding our enemy with every victory. Every time we kill an Iraqi, we feed terrorism. Whether through donations from other Moslem countries, or from a vengeful family member taking up arms, our heavy-handed tactics are working against us. We must stop wasting our troops and thus stop swelling the ranks of al Qaeda. We must starve this beast.

Any efforts directed against al Qaeda should concentrate on their funding and recruitment abilities. Following these guidelines, we will starve al Qaeda.


Draw a link from the occupation directly to recruitment. The longer we stay the bigger they get.

Talking Points

The figures speak for themselves. In the past few years, as opium poppy eradication efforts in other countries have met with a measure of success, post-Taleban Afghanistan has emerged as the world's leading, and nearly only, supplier of heroin.


Jonathan V. Last writing in the Weekly Standard spotted this once and decided to writ a column opposing the idea. Cool.


This has been uses a lot in the context of funds. I'm suggesting we also use it in terms of recruits.


This fits with Lakoff's Nurturing Parent theory. How would a Nurturing Parent deal with an enemy? Cut off support.

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