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Based on the Vicks Vaporub fortune, the Smith Richardson Foundation with $500 million in assets makes nearly $25 million in grants a year.

Along with research grants to junior-level academics in political science, public policy,etc, the Foundation provides significant support to conservative think-tanks across the country.

The Foundation became active in supporting conservative causes in 1973 when [R. Richardson Randolph] became its president. Forbes estimates the Richardsons to have a net worth of $870 million, which makes it one of the U.S.'s richest families.

The Smith Richardson Foundation was intimately connected to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Smith Richardson Foundation grantees include:

Columbia University
Four Sisters
City University of New York
American Enterprise Institute
Colorado College
Hoover Institution
Brigham Young University
Carnegie-Mellon University
History of Neoconservativism
Boston College
Boston University
Cornell University

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