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Segolene Royal is the French Socialist Party's 2007 presidential nominee. She is also the president of the regional council of Poitou-Charentes and a French National Assembly deputy.


On December 4, 2006, Royal stated: "I think that is the greatest danger for the security of Israel and the world—and not just Israel, by the way, for that whole part of the world — and that we must not let Iran have access to civilian nuclear power. That will be my position if I am elected president." Source: n.a. "French presidential Candidate Royal Says Iran Should be Barred from Using Nuclear Power." Associated Press. December 5, 2006. France is the most enthusiastic developer of nuclear power on the planet and ignored the rest of the planet when it was developing its own nuclear weapons force du frappe. Perhaps if she offered to suspend construction of France's own nuclear fuel production and give-up its nuclear weapons then she could speak to this set of issues without sounding absurd.

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