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A right-wing blowhard and Fox News monkey Hannity was kicked out of a University after one semester.

Hannity is known for his confrontational style with guests on his programs, and his conservative views. His critics accuse him of being rude to guests and serving as a megaphone for Republican talking points, as well as being untruthful. He sometimes does event performances across the United States where he claims he can "cure any person of their liberalism" in one sitting. This is a process he calls "Hannitization," although this is more of a slogan than a specific process; for example, his 2004 American tour was called the "Hannitization of America Tour." The documentary This Divided State shows at least one instance where he has taunted the few liberals in the crowd, and singled out a liberal audience member to speak on stage so that the mostly conservative audience can jeer the liberal. Some of Hannity's favorite "debate" techniques include: threatening to cut off the microphone of his opponent, especially when they are about to beat him in the debate; actually cutting off the opponent's microphone; talking louder and more aggressively than the opponent; and appearing to win by forcefully interjecting the last word, which is usually nothing more than a tarted-up yet completely disprovable talking point that sounds somewhat cleverly worded. The latter is usually used in conjunction with the cutting off of the opponent's microphone. Essentially, Hannity, like Limbaugh and many others, seeks to silence his opponents rather than outreason them.


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