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William Scott Ritter, Jr. is a retired U.S. Marine and the former head of UNSCOM - the chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq. He resigned from that post on August 27, 1998. According to Richard Butler he gave two reasons for resignation in his resignation letter (The Greatest Threat, Pp. 178-183) The first reason is that UNSCOM's task had been impossible and that an illusory disarmament was worse than no disarmament. The Security Council's failure to enforce the mandate has made it difficult for the weapons inspectors to do their job. The second reason is that Richard Butler had been controlled or taken orders from the U.S. government, that UNSCOM had been used as a conduit for the collection of intelligence. Butler denied that the possible spying under the cover of UNSCOM was with his approval.

Before joining UNSCOM in 1991, Ritter served in the Persian Gulf War.



On February 6, 2006, Ritter predicted that the U.S. would attack Iran, claiming that UN Ambassador John Bolton's speechwriter had already written a speech claiming the right to unilateral action. See Iranian Nuclear Crisis Timeline.

Republican Smear Campaign

  • Ritter was the target of a vicious Republican smear campaign in 2002. Antonia Zerbisias. "CNN's Hatchet Job on Scott Ritter: Media Smear ex-Marine for Seeking Answers on Iraq." Toronto Star. September 12, 2002. Text of the Article


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