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Scott McClellan (born 1968) is the current White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush. After becoming Press Secretary, he formed a habit of moving to let fake reporter "Jeff Gannon" ask loaded pro-Republican questions at White House press briefings whenever he needed to change the line of questioning.


Early career

After graduating from the University of Texas, McClellan was the three-time campaign manager for Texas comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, his mother. His performance in the campiagn prompted Karen Hughes, Governor Bush's communications director, to hire him to be Bush's deputy press secretary. McClellan served as Governor Bush's traveling press secretary during the 2000 Presidential election. With Bush came into office, McClellan became deputy communcations director.

White House Press Secretary

When Ari Fleischer stepped down as White House Press Secretary on July 15, 2003, McClellan was promoted to replace him in the position. On April 19th 2006 Scotty resigned from office, replaced with Tony Snow from FOX News.

Personal life

Scott McClellan was born and raised in Austin, Texas. His father, Barr McClellan, is an attorney and author of the book Blood, Money and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK. His brother Mark McClellan has run the Medicare system since March of 2004, and is a former FDA commissioner. His brothers Dudley and Mark are attorneys in the Austin area. His grandfather, W. Page Keeton, was the dean of the Univeristy of Texas Law School for 25 years.

McClellan married Jill Martinez in November 2003.


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