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List of Republican scandals


George W. Bush Scandals

Depleted Uranium Poisoning

Fumes from burning uranium munitions have killed more U.S. troops than the Iraqis have, by at least one and possibly two orders of magnitude. The U.S. government knew at least in 2001 that inhaled uranium accumulates in testicles.

Uranium ordnance has never been tested for uranyl nitrate emissions by the U.S.. The scientists responsible for doing so were apparently unaware that uranium reacts with nitrogen gas, by the lead scientist's own admission.

Uranium contamination has poisoned Baghdad, in part because of their high water table.

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse

Photos were discovered of prisoners in Iraq being tortured by American servicemen and women.

Photos (caution - disturbing content)

Medicare vote bribery

9/11 EPA report scrubbed

Halliburton price gauging

Niger uranium

President George W. Bush devoted 16 words in his 2003 State of the Union speech to the claim that Saddam Hussein had attempted to buy uranium from Niger, even though the report those words were based on was known to be false.


In retaliation for Ambassador Joseph Wilson's publicizing of the fact that the Niger uranium report was known to be false, the Bush administration leaked to the press that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was a covert CIA operative. The ensuing scandal took on the name "Plamegate."

Cheney energy task force

Operation: Ignore

Other Scandals

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