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2004 General Election

San Diego 2004 Mayoral Race and Aftermath

Donna Frye, a Democrat and a member of the San Diego City Council, entered the non-partisan mayor's race Sept. 30, 2004 after the primary. She turned in 4,000 signitures, only 200 were needed to qualify. A lifelong women's advocate and agitator for liberal causes, Frye first got involved in local politics in an effort to stop polluters from fouling the ocean and making surfers sick. Frye ran against two Republicans: Mayor Murphy and Ron Roberts who served on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

After the general election, Murphy and Frye's tallies were close and the validity of many of the write-in ballots for Frye were questioned and the matter taken to court. Ultimately, many of the write-in ballots were ruled invalid and Richard Murphy retained his mayoral seat.

On Apr. 25, 2005, Mayor Richard Murphy resigned his office, effective July 15, 2005. San Diego's pension scandal had painted him with broad brush and he was named one of the America's three worst mayors by TIME magazine.

Councilmember Toni Atkins of council district three was acting mayor until a new mayor was elected and sworn in. In a special runoff election between Donna Frye and former Police Chief Jerry Sanders held in November 2005, Jerry Saunders was elected Mayor of San Diego.

Activist Frye

  • Go Donna Go (, 3-34-04)
  • The Political Tide (San Diego Online, Oct. 2001)

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