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Image:family1.jpg Ron Kind and his family

Ron Kind is the representative to the House of Representatives for the Third District of the State of Wisconsin. He is a moderate member of the Blue Dog Democratic caucus, and his record is one of a moderate progressive. He is one of Wisconsin's rising political stars, contemplating a run for the Governors Mansion in 2002, but feeling that the time was not right, he opted to stay in Congress. A later run for the Governorship, or to the US Senate seat should Herb Kohl not seek re-election in 2006, is widely expected.

The third district is somewhat of a national anomoly. It is largely rural, with farming dominating the region, yet overwhelmingly backed Gore in 2000. Rep Kind enjoys similar support. The two largest communities, Eau Claire and La Crosse, are considered swing communities, though neither of their counties have voted Republican since 1984.

Ron Kind is seeking re-election, and is widely expected to win. His challenger is tougher than ones he has vanquished before. Dale Shultz is a Republican State Senator from Richland Center.

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