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Rocky van de Benderskum was a 2005 candidate for the Legalize Cannabis Alliance (LCA), a political party in the United Kingdom that strives to make the issue of cannabis legalization a significant issue in British politics. Through the legalization of cannabis, Benderskum and his LCA party aim to achieve better taxation systems, based on income/profit and environmental impact as well as to secure and release all of the prisoners that have been placed in jail for the use or possession of cannabis throughout the world. Though Rocky van de Benderskum’s political career didn’t begin until 1996, he received .7% of all votes in the 2005 General Election in the Canterbury and Whitstable constituency.

van de Benderskum was born on March 1, 1958 in Batu Gajah, Malaysia. He is married and has two daughters.

Prior to his career in electoral politics, Benderskum was a tank mechanic in the German Army. He later joined the British Merchant Navy and later worked as a landscape gardener. Surprisingly, Benderskum also spent a period of 10 years living homeless, wandering the English county of Kent.

Following the 2005 General Election, Benderskum’s political efforts have helped to establish the LCA as an important, rising political force in the United Kingdom, something seldom accomplished by a controversial, “single issue” party. In addition, Benderskum’s attempts to spread the message and stimulate local date on the topic of cannabis legalization have resulted in other political parties who now support pro-cannabis legislation including The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, The Socialist Alliance and the Plaid Cymru. Benderskum believes that legislation supporting the legalization of cannabis will ultimately reduce harm caused by drugs without disregarding the citizenry’s rights to personal privacy and choice.

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