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Robin Hayes is the Republican congressman from North Carolina's 8th Congressional District - a district that has lost more textile jobs than anywhere else in the nation. Hayes cast the deciding vote for CAFTA, even though he had promised during his campaign that he was "flat-out, horizontally opposed" to the trade treaty.


Shoot and Schmooze

  • Hayes attended the 2006 "Great Congressional Shoot-Out," an event sponsored by The Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation. Foundations can raise unlimited amounts of money and no campaign finance transperancy is required for such sponsorship. Merchants of (retail) death Beretta and Winchester, the National Rifle Association, Wal-Mart and outfitters Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops sponsored the Congressional shootout and schmoozeathon. Source: Larry Margasak & Sharon Theimer. "Caucus Groups Privately Schmooze Lawmakers." Associated Press. July 18, 2006.

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