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"Reason" powerfully makes the case for true patriotism: not the jingoistic, militaristic patriotism that requires no personal sacrifice, but the real patriotism of Americans who gladly give of themselves to uplift their fellow men. Beneath the overarching theme of true patriotism, Reich explores a broad range of topics: taxes, social programs, sexual morality and public morality, corporate corruption, and so forth. He does not spend a great deal of time on any one policy, but rather explores a great number of them, always bringing it back to the question of morality and true patriotism.

In addition, "Reason" also discusses the conflict between Liberal values and Conservative values, in particular, Radical Conservative values. His position toward conservatism is that it contains a grain of truth, but that the expression of that truth has become so dogmatic that it fails to take into account the needs of real people. He identifies a few conservative ideas that are worth saving, and he discusses how to integrate those ideas into a deeper, more comprehensive liberal framework.

I found the book to be compelling to the point that I had difficulty putting it down. Its emphasis on politics as a moral task, and not just a practical one, struck a chord with me.

- Josh Yelon

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