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Richard Summy is the mayor of Wilton, Iowa. Arrested in Iowa City on September 28, 2006 for selling pound size amounts of marijuana, he posted a $19,500 bond and left the Polk County Jail on the same day he was arrested. He is scheduled to appear in Polk County district court on October 6, 2006. The arrest was the result of year long investigation by the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement. Kate McGinty. "Wilton Mayor is Arrested and Leaves Jail Same Day." Des Moines Register. September 29, 2006. This arrest illustrates both for pervasive is cannabis use in contemporary American society and the fundamental absurdity of cannabis prohibition.

Despite the arrest, Summy remains the mayor and will continue to receive his heroic annual salary of only $24,000 a year. If he hadn't been forced to take a vow of poverty maybe he wouldn't have needed a business on the side to make ends meet.

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