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Richard M. Daley is the mayor of Chicago. He was first elected in 1989 to replace interim mayor Eugene Sawyer, and he was easily reelected in 2007. Formerly an Illinois State's Attorney. He is the son of legendary Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley. First major media appearance was shouting down a speaker at the 1968 Democratic Convention while police beat protesters outside.

Daley has a virtual lock on Chicago politics and was last elected with 90+ percent of the vote, albeit with low turnout. Daley's opposition is nascient and fragmented at present. He is the vigorous leader of Chicago's enormous (and still growing) patronage system.

In 2006, Daley vetoed a proposal to raise wages for employees of "big box" retail stores such as Wal-Mart.

Daley is a fan of the White Sox, much to the chagrin of Cubs fans.

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