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As a result of historically large budget deficits, unprecedented incursions into civil liberties, and an increasing disregard for the traditional separation between Church and State, many Republicans have publicly broken with President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Many of these Republicans have endorsed Senator John Kerry instead. What follows is a list of Republicans who have endorsed John Kerry, as well as those Republicans who have publicly stated their reluctance to cast a vote for George W. Bush. This list does not include traditionally Republican newspaper editors who have endorsed John Kerry.


Republicans Endorsing John Kerry

  • Elmer L. Andersen, former Republican Governor of Minnesota (1961-63) -- Oct. 13
  • Tim Ashby, director, Office of Mexico and the Caribbean, U.S. Commerce Department under Reagan and Bush I -- Oct. 14
  • Jack Bogle Founder of the Vanguard Mutual Fund.
  • David Catania, Republican (now Independent) Councilman from Washington, D.C. -- Sept. 29
  • Steve Chapman, conservative syndicated columnist, Chicago Tribune -- Oct. 24
  • Mike Cobb, former Republican Mayor of Palo Alto, California -- Sept. 8
  • George Comstock, Mayor of Portola Valley, California -- Sept. 1
  • Marlow Cook, former Republican Senator from Kentucky (1968-74) -- Oct. 20
  • Comer Cottrell, longtime Republican, Bush ally, and old baseball partner -- Oct. 28
  • David Durenberger, former Senator from Minnesota (1978-95) -- Oct. 27 (endorsing Kerry health plan over Bush's)
  • John Eisenhower, son of former Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower -- Sept. 9
  • John A. Galbraith, former Republican Ohio General Assemblyman -- Sept. 28
  • Peter Gillette, former Republican Commissioner of Trade for Minnesota (1991-95) -- Oct. 20
  • Lee Iacocca, former Chrysler Chairman -- June 25
  • Anne Morton Kimberly, widow of Rogers C.B. Morton, former Republican Representative from Maryland -- Oct. 14
  • Steve May, former Republican state legislator from Arizona -- Sept. 10
  • Pete McCloskey (editorial here), former Republican Representative from California -- Sept. 8
  • Scott McConnell, executive editor, The American Conservative -- Nov. 8 issue
  • Al Meiklejohn, former Republican state senator from Colorado -- Sept. 19
  • Ballard Morton, son of Thruston Morton, former Republican Senator from Kentucky -- Oct. 14
  • Clay Myers, Republican Secretary of State (1967-77) and State Treasurer (1977-84) for Oregon -- Sept. 1
  • Clyde Prestowitz, counselor to Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Commerce -- Oct. 6
  • Rick Russman, former Republican State Senator from New Hampshire -- Oct. 7
  • William Milliken, former Republican Governor of Michigan (1969-82) -- Oct. 18
  • Charley Reese, conservative columnist/journalist, Orlando Sentinel (1971-2001) -- May 17
  • Bill Rutherford, former Treasurer of Oregon and Chair of the Oregon Investment Council -- Sept. 1
  • Richard Schmalensee, former Council of Economic Advisers member for President George H. W. Bush -- Oct. 12
  • Jon Silver, former Republican Mayor of Portola Valley, California -- Sept. 24
  • Gail Slocum, former Republican Mayor of Menlo Park, California -- Sept. '04
  • Bob Smith, retired Republican Senator from New Hampshire -- Oct 28
  • Andrew Sullivan, conservative columnist, former editor of The New Republic -- Oct. 26 (on Jul. 25 he announced he wouldn't vote for Bush)
  • Russell E. Train, (interview) EPA chief under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford -- Jul. '04
  • Jude Wanniski, former associate editor of The Wall Street Journal, coined term "supply side economics" -- Oct. 27
  • Marshall Wittmann, former communications director to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain -- Oct. 7
  • Various Republican Business Leaders -- Aug. 5

Republicans Who Will Not Vote For George W. Bush

  • Basil Akers, 1992 RNC NM delegate for George H. W. Bush and U.S. Army intelligence analyst in Vietnam, Oct. 25
  • Bob Barr, former Republican Representative from Georgia (1995-2003) -- Oct. 14
  • Robert L. Black, retired Republican judge of the Ohio First District Court of Appeals -- Oct. 13
  • John H. Buchanan, former Republican Congressman from Alabama -- Oct. 4
  • Lincoln Chafee, Republican Senator from Rhode Island -- Oct. 4
  • Gary Coomer, Republican, Founder of Land's End clothing company -- Oct. 29
  • John Dean, former White House Counsel to former Republican President Nixon -- Apr. '04
  • John Donley, former Republican state senator from Colorado -- Sept. 19
  • Paul Findley, former Republican Representative from Illinois -- Apr. '04
  • Francis Fukuyama, prominant Republican neo-conservative, author of The End of History
  • Mary Lou Halliburton, lifelong Republican, served on the Nixon White House staff and was appointed by Reagan-era Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women and the Services -- Sept. 19
  • A. Linwood Holton former Republican Governor of Virginia (1970-74) -- Aug. 29
  • Harry Lewis, Republican and former president of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce -- Sept. 19
  • Log Cabin Republicans -- Sept. 8
  • Walter Olson, Bush 2000 campaign advisor -- Oct. 26
  • Paul O'Neill, former Treasury Secretary to Republican President George W. Bush -- Jan. '04
  • REP America Republicans for Environmental Protection -- Fall 2004
  • Richie Robb, mayor of South Charleston, WV (and 2004 Electoral College WV Republican elector) -- Sep. '04
  • William Saletan, "liberal Republican" columnist for Slate -- Sept. 1
  • Karl W. B. Schwarz, very conservative Republican from Arkansas -- Oct. 20 (see also [1])
  • Dottie Wham, former Republican state senator from Colorado -- Sept. 19

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