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The Republican Party of Kansas is the state party organization in Kansas affiliated with the national Republican Party. The party system cleavage in Kansas is post-New Deal, and thus the voting base of the state Republican Party is white, Protestant, higher income and college education. The party organization is badly split between the conservative Christian Right and country club "moderates," with abortion the important dividing line between the two factions. Tim Shallenburger, the state party chair, has expressed anxiety about state party infighting and uniting against Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who defeated Shallenburger in 2002.

On August 3, 2005. First Congressional District moderate Republican Representative Jerry Moran announced that he would not run for governor and would instead seek reelection. That left conservative Christian Right Repubublican Mayor of Topeka Doug Mays the apparent frontrunner for the party gubernatorial nomination.

One Republican U.S. President, Dwight Eisenhower and two Republican presidential nominees, Alf Landon and Bob Dole have come from Kansas.


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