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The Republicans have been driving the economy hell bent for leather into a wildly disparate class system. This meme can work by framing them not in some angry, left wing view, but by showing them as they see themselves - Aristocrats.



Open to use by anyone. Please. I look forward to hearing Kieth O. use this one...


You tell me


I'm right here.

Talking Points

Use this in conversation to point out the disconnection between the neo-con Republican leadership and the rand-and-file Republicans, many of whom are watching their jobs and business go overseas only to profit the Aristocrats.

  • The Republican Aristocrats in Congress are trying to throw the Constitution under the bus
  • Of course wages are low and jobs are going overseas - the Republican Aristocracy needs to create a peasant class
  • Driving a Hummer is a sure sign of a Republican Aristocrat
  • The large number of Republicans indicted recently (Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and soon Karl Rove), some of whom also openly raise funds to attack the officials who laid the charges, are clear evidence that there is a class of people who think themselves above the law and who regard the whole legal system as a conspiracy which is "out to get" them, the rightful Aristocrats


Tends to anger Log Cabin Republicans who would correctly argue that the Democratic Party also has an aristocracy, and possibly even more "imperial families" including at least the Kennedy family and Clinton family.


Any mention of Bush as Emperor is reasonably a reference to an aristocracy.


See Bush as Emperor

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