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Reframe the term:culture of life to get:

  • forced pregnancy, which is what this "culture" actually means for poor women
  • green economics, which is a more legitimate way to increase the value of life in the economy
  • sustainable economics which says more than 'green ecnonomics.' Green has become empty rhetoric used as PR by business interests seeking to camouflage their practices, or by progressives seeking to feel good without actually being engaged in any real change. By calling economies sustainable, we have a metric to measure legitimacy. Sustainable means not overloading carrying capacity; sustainable means sustaining all participants, not just the 'haves and have-mores,' sustainable means not depleting the energies of those engaged in social change. Sustainable does not mean wnton growth at any cost, but develops new metrics for what is the bottom line.
  • casino capitalism to describe how neoclassical economics only values the ability to get money which includes killing for it and stealing it;
  • mutual respect: A culture of life respects life, regardless of religion, color, political party, gender, sexual preference or tastes in music. Mutual Respect means no missionaries, no Official Language,
  • Culture of Life priorities: A Culture of Life means priorities that support ecology, ecducation, health care, support for those less fortunate. Anyone claiming to support a Culture of Life while advocating putting more money into war than medicine and education is clearly proposing an internal contradiction.

In other words, if someone starts to talk to you about this so-called "culture" you change it into a conversation about the ethics of forced pregnancy, but you agree that the present culture devalues life, and you prove it using examples from economics - hopefully convincing even conservatives that they should not believe GDP is good for them and maybe even having a good debate on whether suicide attacks on civilians in the U.S. is due to the US supporting activities that degrade the value of these people's lives in their own countries.

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