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There are four ways to reframe stuff at dKosopedia:itself:

  1. Just do it - rewrite things to use a proper neutral list of policy terms describing real actual reality - this helps you get your own writing habits in shape for campaigning
  2. Put questionable terms on the term:list and then, as you have time, replace them with a list of better concerns to talk about in the reframe:namespace, e.g. if you hear the term:war on terror you must reframe:terrorism - this is suitable to undo spin.
  3. The more extensive and exhaustive FrameShop method which involves many terms being questioned at once, and entirely redefined, resulting in complex causal statements that relate the new list of policy terms - this is suitable for major policy dilemmas.
  4. An extended and rigorous FrameShopping method which involves issue/position/argument statements like position:the 2003 Iraq war is justifiable based on humanitarian concerns and backing it up with claim:namespace material for the more detailed claims - this is suitable for the very large trillion dollar problems.

Theories and argumentation frameworks relevant to reframing:

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