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Reform Judaism has been described (by a hostile writer) as Judaism that believes the whole essence of Judaism is ethical monotheism. Reform Jews also are more serious about "prophetic Judaism" where the core messages of Judaism are about social justice. Reform Jews do not believe in praying for the rebuilding of the Temple or the final resurrection of the dead.

Reform Jews believe that the Torah was written by human beings and no one has to obey the Oral Law today. Reform Jews also throw out commandments in the Torah they don't see any reason for in these enlightened times such as keeping kosher or the Sabbath. Reform Jews adopt practices from the nearby churches such as organs, choirs, long sermons focused on the rabbi, and short services cutting out many of the traditional prayers and saying the ones that remain in English. Reform Jews are happy to adopt traditional religious ideas to modern notions of spirituality. The CCAR, the Reform rabbi organization, has been swinging back toward halacha in recent times. They are encouraging the members to keep kosher, for example.

Reform believes that the right to an abortion is a key Jewish belief. Many Reform rabbis will perform a marriage or commitment ceremony between two gay Jews. Many more will marry Jews and non-Jews. Reform Judaism holds that Jewish descent through the father makes one Jewish.

Reform Jews are strongly concerned about the Holocaust, Israel, and separation of church and state.

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