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Knock down GOP talking points as they happen.

For Rapid Response Projects beyond talking points, see also: Happening Now This Week and the Happening Now Home



  • "Barack" is am Arabic name, which proves that Obama is a terrorist (or words to that effect)
    • The response should be: "Tell us what kind of a person takes the name given to an individual at birth, a name that means "blessing" in several related languages, and tries to imput evil intentions to the bearer of that name! Bernard Baruch's family name is basically the same word. Can't you see how ridiculous your line of so-called 'reasoning' is?"

2006-07-02: "Iraq is going great! Liberal media reports otherwise"

Over the weekend, 66 Iraqis died in a suicide car bombing in Iraq, which has a population of 26M.

Back in 1993, we lost 168 in the Oklahoma City bombing, when our country had more than 260M people.

To see it through the eyes of an Iraqi, imagine a suicide car bombing five-times worse than Oklahoma City here in the United States.

Or don't...forget Iraq, it's 7000 miles away from your backyard BBQ this July 4th weekend. Everything is fine, young Republican, except for the liberal Press. It's all a 'misperception'.

2006-06-30: WTF...Flag Burning Again?!

See Bloomberg's article: Senate Blocks Flag-Burning Amendment by Single Vote

When was the last time that you saw someone burn the flag? When was the last time that you even heard about someone burning the flag? Never? Well then, why do we need to be debating a Consitutional Amendment?

Now when was the last time you paid $3 for a gallon of gas? And when was the last time you heard about an American soldier killed in combat?

Flag burning is a political shell game. It's an issue designed to enflame the NeoCon Talk Radio vote.

We deserve better.

We want a leadership that prioritizes results above politics.

2006-06-25: Karl Rove's Iraq Position of "Cut-n-Run Democrats"

"Last week the GOP rallied around Karl Rove's "cut and run" battle cry and went on the offensive against a Democratic Party that was all over the place on the war." - see The War's Left Front on the Newsweek site.

The Republican's are borrowing $8B a month to keep us in Iraq - Republican monetary policies are borrowing $8 billion dollars a month from foreign governments (like China) to keep American soldiers on the front lines in Iraq. Without a scheduled exit date, the Republican Congress isn't pressuring the Iraqis to take over their own affairs.

7/2/2006 - Update: Rep. Murtha, D-Pa., included similar thinking on Meet the Press on June 18th. He told Tim Russert on Meet the Press that "Bush policy is 'Stay and Pay'". Rep. Murtha said:

Well, “stay the course” is “stay and pay.” This is the thing that has worried me right along. We’re spending $8 billion dollars a month, $300 million dollars a day. And to give you some perspective of what that means, Gates said, “I’m going to quit the corporation, or I’m going to—less time with the corporation.” Well, you weigh $30 billion dollars. That’s four months of the cost of this war.

The Real History: A simple history lesson puts "cut and run" in its place. A Democrat president successfully prosecuted WWI. Two Democrat presidents successfully prosecuted WWII. When "Evil Axis" North Korea invaded South Korea, a Democrat President participated in a largely successful rescue attempt for the South. On the other hand: A Republican president (and Congress) cut-and-ran us out of South Korea. A Republican president cut-and-ran us out of Vietnam. And -- according to Tony Snow, speaking for the current administration -- a Republican President cut-and-ran us out of Gulf War I, demonstrating to Osama Bin Laden that we are weak, and which cut-and-run strategy led directly to the felling of the Twin Towers. Democrats fight those who attack us with skill, will, and strategy -- not blind faith in "gut feelings".

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