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A Protectorate is a political entity that enters into a formal agreement to accept the unequal relationship with a stronger power, which assumes responsibility for protecting against other political entities. The protectorate is the subordinate political entity and the protector is the superior political entity.


  • On May 2, 1889 Ethiopia and Italy signed the Treaty of Ucciali (Wichale); the Ethiopians are cheated because the Italian version, unlike the Amharis version, contains a clause making Ethiopia an Italian protectorate. Leads to war in 1896.
  • United States hegemony in Cuba under the 1903 Platt Amendment until 1959 Revolution
  • French hegemony over Morocco from March 30, 1912 until March 2, 1956.
  • German hegemony over Slovakia from 1939 to 1945, with the German government official ruling aas Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary.
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