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The Prohibition Party is the oldest third party in the United States. The party was founded as a single issue party advocating the prohibition of alcoholic beverages. This single issue nature of the party meant it originally had members spanning the political spectrum on other issues, from socialists and feminists to Christian fundamentalists. Despite the party's main issue being co-opted by both major parties as Prohibition was passed as an ill-fated social experiment, the Prohibition Party never had major political success as a party. The party still exists today and is quite tiny, and still runs Presidential candidates who typically get on the ballot in only a few states. The party today is entirely Christian fundamentalist in orientation and in addition to alcohol has platform planks in opposition to abortion, gay rights, adultery, and gambling. Due to its size and lack of ballot access in most states it does not play the a spoiler role that other right-wing parties such as the Constitution Party potentially do.

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