Principles of guerrilla warfare

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The Principles of guerrilla warfare include the following:

  • Make the enemy play our game.
  • Study the enemy leadership: Know its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage the blindness of egocentric enemy leaders.
  • Strike the enlightened enemy leaders from all possible sides by all means possible.
  • Perfect the discipline of our own forces.
    • Get the best training available. And then get some better training. Battlefields that we do not need to conquer make training facilities largely paid for by our enemy.
  • Taunt the enemy to destroy their discipline.
  • Never be perceived as injuring the people.
  • Attack concentrations of enemy forces from diffuse positions of our own.
  • Tempt the enemy to strike out in anger and confusion against the people while exposing a minimal number of our forces for the least amount of time necessary to prompt the enemy's attack.
  • Challenge the enemy's perimeter frequently, strike deeply at random intervals.
  • Eliminate effective local leadership by secret means, and implicate the enemy whenever possible.
  • Sow dissension and distrust among factions whenever possible, but without showing our own hand.
  • Degrade infrastructure while providing aid to repair the damages.
  • Dig deep, hide well, observe from close at hand with the eyes of lowly people, and observe from afar with total situational awareness.
    • Infiltrate their compounds and garrisons with our forces who will become the invisible workers: those who clean, cook, carry and labor.
  • Fear is the doorway of death; that principle works coming and going.
  • One movement can have two purposes, two kinds of significance.
  • Tension, tension--apprehension and dissension have begun.
  • Cool mind, warm feet.
  • A great pride comes before a mighty fall.
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