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This List Is Prioritized by Contemporary Relevance, Potential and "Watchability"

  1. Eliot Spitzer
  2. New York's next governor? And then what?
  3. Paul Hackett
  4. 49% in deep red Ohio district. Will the Senate be his next stop?
  5. Martin O'Malley
  6. Baltimore's mayor has sights on the governor's mansion.
  7. Richard Morrison
  8. Second time the charm to take out DeLay?
  9. Jon Tester
  10. Senate candidate helping to turn Montana blue.
  11. Gavin Newsom
  12. SF's mayor is ahead of the curve.
  13. Brian Schweitzer
  14. Presidential aspirations for Montana's governor?
  15. Barack Obama
  16. Darling of the netroots has a bright future.
  17. Stephanie Herseth
  18. Pro-choice women can win in South Dakota.

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