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Poamoho Camp is located on the central plain near Wahiawa on the island of Oahu.

In an August 2005 Honolulu Advertiser article, Curtis Lum reported on the plight of those living in Poamoho Camp as Del Monte the major employer of the camp's inhabitants phased out of the pineapple business in Hawaii:

In January 2004, nearly 300 former and current Del Monte plantation workers living in Poamoho Camp were told that they would be evicted on June 30 of that year because the company was not renewing its lease on 2,200 acres of Galbraith land. The trust is set to terminate in 2007 and trustees said they were not interested in maintaining the homes and becoming a landlord.
Residents feared they would be left homeless because many said they could not afford housing elsewhere. In early June 2004, Savio stepped in and arranged to extend the leases for the residents and announced he had reached an agreement in principle with the trust to buy the land under and around Poamoho Camp. [1]

Also in the article:

Residents of Poamoho Camp received some good news yesterday when it was announced that a local bank has lent developer Peter Savio $2.6 million to acquire the camp's land and allow families to continue living there.
First Hawaiian Bank announced the loan to Savio's Hawaiian Island Homes Ltd., which will acquire 92 acres from the George Galbraith Trust. The land includes the camp's 34 acres.
Savio said he will renovate the 63 plantation homes and sell the camp to residents at "well-below market price." It was not known what that price would be, and Savio was not available for comment yesterday afternoon. [2]


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