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Notorious anti-feminist, right-wing activist. She first became a big name on the right because of the publication of her 1964 book A Choice, Not An Echo, which claimed a group of liberal Republicans was manipulating that party's Presidential nominations. The book was heavily promoted by supporters of Barry Goldwater. She founded the Eagle Forum in 1972, which now has many chapters and much money to burn. Her devotion to husband and children didn't deter her from spending several decades involved in nationwide lecture tours, Congressional hearings, and TV appearances, and railing against women working outside of the home. Even her critics will give her credit for her tenacity -- when her opponents countered every argument she made with "you're not a lawyer", she went to law school and got her degree.

Phyllis was dedicated to the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment. She branded womens' organizations such as NOW as being militant lesbian camps and spun horror stories of what "equality" would truly be. The amendment, which had bipartisan support, was never ratified as a result of her efforts. Ironically, many of the nightmare scenarios she predicted (women serving in combat, legalized same-sex marriage, women and men being closer to parity in salary) happened even without the ERA. At least she can be happy knowing that men and women still have separate bathrooms. Perhaps that isn't good enough at this point. In 2003 she warned politicians in Illinois that the ERA will make Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts merge. In late June of 2004 she was dragged out of mothballs yet against to testify to Congress in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Phyllis still works with the Eagle Forum and writes a weekly column distributed at Town Hall and various other rightist outfits, but she is essentially a creature of another era, not in tune with the loud and barbaric theatrics of, say, Ann Coulter.

One of the more embarrassing moments of Phyllis' supermoral career was when Michelangelo Signorile outed her son John in 1992. Poor John (now a lawyer for Eagle Forum) reluctantly confessed his homosexuality and then vanished back into his private life. At the '96 Republican Convention, Signorile quizzed her on how she could both love her son and support a hideously anti-gay national platform. Her response?

"Go! Shoo! I'm not putting up with this, I'm just not! Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

Signorile's response:

"Phyllis, we are never going away."

She also trained her other son, Andrew, to be a homosexual; he runs a right wing thing called Conservapedia.


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