Personal Responsibility vs Interpersonal Responsibility

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Hoping to get this Meme started.



Call to Action

Tell me if you think this dichotomy is useful, and whether it could be improved upon.


Are you willing to give up a night with your family or your beer to help a friend in need? A friend calls up at 5:30 on a Saturday and says (s)he really needs your help? Then you're not a Republican Conservative.

Are you willing to give your time, your thought, your sweat, your convenience... to help a friend in need? Even though that friend hasn't called you in a while? Then you're not a Republican Conservative.

Your good friend (whom you haven't heard from in quite a while) has suddenly been fired. (yeah, thankfully, they have Unemployment Insurance (A 'lieberal' invention, if ever there was one) to see them through the next few months). Do you say 'tough tittie, my loser acquaintance, hope you aren't homeless the next time you call' or do you extend the hand, the shoulder, the sympathy? If you do, you're not a Republican Conservative.

Conservatives like to talk about personal responsibility. Usually, this is an excuse for selfish behavior, a way of saying, “go fend for yourself, weakling, I ain’t helping.” But the phrase has such a nice sound to it… personal responsibility… that it’s hard to counter.

Meanwhile, liberals support the idea that Americans have a responsibility to their fellow men; that we should care about each other and help each other out in a pinch. We call this virtue charity or social responsibility.

I am proposing that we rename charity to interpersonal responsibility – literally, the responsibility we have to each other. This renaming has two effects. First, the word “responsibility” emphasizes the fact that it’s not an option. Taking care of each other isn’t something we can do if we feel nice this afternoon. It’s a daily responsibility, which we owe to each other.

Second, the phrase interpersonal responsibility is intentionally similar to the phrase personal responsibility. The similarity implicitly places the two value systems in face-to-face contrast with each other. While personal responsibility sounds good taken in isolation, it sounds cheap and selfish when placed side-by-side with interpersonal responsibility. It’s the difference between looking out for numero uno and looking out for one’s fellow man.

To maximize the effect, we need to push this as a dichotomy. The goal is to make it so that every time a conservative says “personal responsibility,” the listener will silently finish the sentence: “or interpersonal responsibility, which is morally superior?”

yes..."interpersonal responsibility" means nothing?? Do you really think most voters know what this means??? This only serves to re-enforce the notion that all liberals are hi-falutin', and ......ELITE AND NUANCED. We must reach people on the issue of "Responsibility" head on, and the way republicans do it. Which simply put,...responsibility means you take care of yourself,( and if you haven't...go to charity, friends, or Jesus.) Born again church groups and prayer groups will help you, and you of course become new REP voters as well. RESPONSIBILITY IS A VICE intended to bring in religion, AND SHAME for those unable to plan better, or be unfortunate enough to have been caught up in an unforseen disaster. Again..".Responsibility "induces begging, prayer, dependence, shame, and finally and very cleverly lets Govt participation in our social responsibility/compact with our citizens off the hook. "Interpersonal Responsibiity" with who? We should reframe Reponsibility and attack and expose the manner in which repubs use these slogans/memes against AVOIDING THEIR responsibility to us. Suggestion: " Republican Responibility Means Refusal"Refusal is Republican Responsibility"......."Responsibility means having the ability to work so as to feed our families. To pay for drugs, to educate our children, etc. There are memes here and good framing for dems against the repub use of this framing.

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