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Pawtucket is a hard-scrabble city of roughly 75,000 just north of Providence, the state capital. Once the home to many industrial mills, Pawtucket saw its worst days in the 1980s and '90s as the mills closed and the city deteriorated thanks partly to entrenched government corruption.

As Providence enjoyed a renaissance starting in the late '90s and continuing to the present day, artists and others came to Pawtucket seeking low-cost housing. As a result, Pawtucket today boasts a thriving arts community and a variety of mill conversions and other brownfield reclamation projects.

Politically, Pawtucket, like the rest of Rhode Island, is strongly Democratic and strongly Catholic. Thus, one would not likely call it 'liberal.' Given the recent and continuing influx of younger, more non-traditional people, the current political make-up of the city cannot be accurately classified.

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