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Tsongas, Paul Efthemios

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, 1979-1985, and unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, 1992. Served as county commissioner and US Representative before his election to the Senate in 1978, in which he defeated the legendary Edward William Brooke (the first African-American elected to the Senate). Chose not to run for re-election in 1984 because he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. After extensive treatment, sought to reenter politics by running for President in 1992. Won the New Hampshire primary and was considered by some to be the early favorite; however, the surge of Bill Clinton and the poor financial situation of the campaign led him to abandon the effort. Tsongas is remembered as a down-to-earth, business-friendly progressive, and is admired for his decision to sacrifice his political career for his family. He died in 1997 of pneumonia complicated by a remission of cancer. He was survived by his wife Niki Tsongas, and their children.

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