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Paul Scoles, M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and living in Haverford, Pennsylvania. He is currently the Chairman of the Haverford Democratic Committee of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Paul Scoles was born on September 20, 1950 in Orange, New Jersey. He received a BA degree from Washington & Jefferson College in 1972, and his M.D. from Rutgers Medical College in 1979.

Scoles challenged Curt Weldon in Pennsylvania's 7th U.S. Congressional District in 2004. Scoles entered the race in the last 90 days of the campaign, when the original Democratic candidate, Greg Philips, was suddenly called up for Reserve duty to support the Iraq war.

Despite running a 90-day campaign with less than $20,000 in campaign funds, Paul Scoles garnered almost 41% of the vote in the 7th district - the highest percentage polled by a challenger against Weldon in