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Parochialism is an attitude set characterized by interest or perspective focused exclusively or largely on the immediate in place and time. Persons suffering from parochialism seek the emotional reassurance of attending to what is familiar and easily understood. In effect, they prefer a flatter learning curve. One danger in parochialism is that the sufferer may be affected by events in places and time far from his or her own and that their often willful ignorance prevents them from grasping the source(s) of their problem(s). As a consequence they may be unable to respond effectively.

Another danger in parochialism is that it tends to dis-empower sufferers, transforming their temptation to accept their own ignorance into a temptation to accept political powerlessness over affairs beyond their immediate experience. Every successful tyrants, serf owner, slave master, cult leader and jailer has always understand this particular human weakness well and exploit it to maintain their control. Sheep are always willing to maintain their focus on the next blade of grass.

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