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Project Overview

Keep two lists, possibly as many as 10 lists (open to discussion, of course), one for the most oppressive "regimes" and another for the worst civil wars. These are the two sources of Brutality. The word "dictator" isn't used because these days you don't judge the dictator by if they have elections, they all have elections. Sometimes these are honest elections, as in "We are honestly going to blow the head off your whole village if you don't vote for me". It's not good. These are reference lists.

List: Ten Most Oppressive Regimes List

List: Ten Worst Civil Wars List

List: Dictators and Non-Democratic Governments

World At War


Edit the lists however you like, disputed changes can be rolled back until discussion on the issue. If there isn't unanimous consent then a vote among takes place where all the users that have edited the page up to the contested change are the eligible voters.

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