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There are major bodies of open content growing on the World Wide Web:

There have been proposals for narrower more specialized open content efforts that would apply tighter or different restrictions than "non-commercial", e.g.

What all open content efforts have in common is share-alike provisions for content distribution: if you get access to the text under an open content license, you will be expected to distribute it to others under exactly the same license, whether you like that license or not.

This is very distinct from "open source" efforts in software which have no such provision, except for the subset of open source called "free software". In particular open source and free software both forbid distinguishing users based on what they do, or what field they're in, or who they are. This has been controversial, but it's typical of technocrats to ignore the argument that their technology can be used for good or for ill, and they should avoid the ill.

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