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Online Streaming Audio Guide

As the so-called Mainstream Media in the United States continues to package entertainment, scandal and propaganda and sell them as news, those interested in obtaining real news are turning increasingly to sources of news outside the country. This Online Streaming Audio Guide lists links to national broadcasting services of other countries, available on the World Wide Web in streaming audio format.

To listen to these streams you will need the proper player for your operating system:

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WindowsRealAudioRealOne player from Real Networks
Windows MediaWindows Media Player from Microsoft
Streaming MP3Winamp from Nullsoft
MacintoshRealAudioRealOne player for Mac from Real Networks
Windows MediaWindows Media Player for Mac from Microsoft
Streaming MP3(iTunes?)
Linux/UnixRealAudioRealOne player for Unix from Real Networks, or mplayer
Windows Mediamplayer
Streaming MP3mpg321, xmms or mplayer

Unfortunately the links below are not formatting correctly, so you will need to open the appropriate media player for your system, copy the link out of this page, then paste the link into the "Open..." dialog in your media player.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)Great Britainrtsp://*/ev7/live24/worldservice/livenews_v8.ra (RealAudio) mms:// (Windows Media Player)
One of the oldest and most respected of broadcasters. The audio links are to the BBC's World Service; links to other services and specific programs are available through the BBC's home page.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)Canadamms:// (Windows Media Player)
This is the Toronto feed. You can find feeds for other cities (e.g. Vancouver) at the CBC's Stream Index.
Deutsche Welle (DW)Germanyrtsp:// (RealAudio)
Germany's national broadcasting service. You may need to visit their home page to find out when they are broadcasting in English.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)Australiartsp:// (RealAudio)
The link is to ABC's Radio Australia external service. ABC's homepage provides links to domestic programs.
Japanese Broadcasting Service (NHK)Japanrtsp:// (latest English news bulletin - RealAudio)

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