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This dKosopedia Ongoing Projects page is as an index to dKosopedia and external projects designed to generate positions, strategy and frames for the liberal/progressive community. This group of projects ensures that strong points of view are represented in the dKosopedia and other centers, where they can readily become part of the political discussion.

This allows the DailyKos community to consider the language and concepts most appropriate to our causes, as well as the opportunity to reach consensus or preponderance of opinion. With basic agreement on our philosophy and beliefs we can more easily establish dominance in political actions.


When adding a link here, please make sure that the target page explains the methodology and/or editorial policy of the project. Arrange the links alphabetically, and please try to follow the same format when adding new links.

dKosopedia Think Tanks

  • 527 GOTV Tactics (527 GOTV tactics) -- To breakdown the various tactics and coordination of the outside-the-party GOTV organizations.
  • Accountability Project (Accountability Project) -- The public should know about discretionary actions of public officials that put our nation's ideals in peril.
  • Blue Shopping (Blue Shopping) -- Places to spend your dollar bluely.
  • Building a Liberal Movement (Liberal Movement) -- The Liberal Movement site is a place for the liberal/progressive community to plan how to crash the political gates.
  • Conversations With Republicans (Conversations With Republicans) -- Stories of conversations with Republicans, anecdotal debates.
  • Cultural Victory (Cultural Victory) -- Discusses the meaning of Democratic victories in November 2006 and rejects conservative claims that this election represents a “cultural victory.”
  • Democratic Freedom Caucus (Democratic Freedom Caucus) -- Focuses on civil liberties in the Democratic platform.
  • dKos Cultural Institute (dKosCulturalInstitute) -- A place for people to discuss and deconstruct pop culture, such as film, TV, music, and sports, as a starting point to a deeper understanding of the link between art, culture and politics.
  • Electoral Reform Project (Electoral Reform Project) -- What changes do we believe are needed in the U.S. electoral system and what can we do to move those changes forward?
  • Fantasy Democratic Party (Fantasy Democratic Party) -- If you were President, what would your speech be? Put your ideal speeches, legislation, campaign ads, etc.
  • Fermentation Tank (Fermentation Tank) -- A collection of articles about timeless liberal values.
  • Forward Framing (Frame Creation by Topic and Practical Frames) -- This is the main workspace and repository for combating conservative/Republican frames and developing our own frames. See Framing for information on how to participate.
  • Frameshop (Frameshop) -- A website sponsored by Jeffrey Feldman dedicated to examining and fixing frames coming from the political Right.
  • Left Wikia ( -- One of the communities in Wikia, which is a collecting point for campaigns, issues, organizations, etc., supportive of the political Left.
  • Media Bias (Media Bias) -- Covers systemic bias in news media coverage.
  • MemeTank (MemeTank) -- meme storage and projects.
  • Money Changes Everything (Money Changes Everything) -- Breaking the back of the Republican finance machine by spending a few extra dollars a day.
  • Narrative Project (Narrative Project) -- Make a creation story for progressives.
  • Oppressive Regime Lists (Oppressive Regime Lists) -- Index of lists of oppressive regimes, dictators, non-democratic governments, and countries with civil wars.
  • Our Vision for America (Our Vision for America) -- After the astounding 1962-2002 conservative odyssey, what's our twenty-year plan?
  • Politician Watch (PoliticianWatch) -- A page for particular politicians of interest.
  • Progressive Concepts (Progressive Concepts) -- Builds the keys to a progressive language by creating and storing accurate, indispensable, neutral point of view (NPOV) concepts that help support progressive values.
  • Progressive Strategy Studies Project (Progressive Strategy Studies Project) -- Collecting and mapping contemporary progressive strategic thinking.
  • Strategy (Strategy) -- A collecting point for progressive political strategies.
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