Ohio U.S. Senate election, 2006

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Mike DeWine (R)


  • Senator: Mike DeWine(hw) (cw)
  • State: OH
  • Age in '06: 59
  • Prognosis: Leans Democrat (9/06) [1]



  • Brown won 56-44%

Important dates

  • Primary: May 2, 2006

Previous elections

Ohio presidential election results

  • 2004: Bush 51% / Kerry 49%
  • 2000: Bush 50% / Gore 46%


DeWine has low approval ratings and the current scandal involving the Ohio Republican party could hurt his re-election chances. Democratic hopes have been raised by the ongoing "Coingate" scandal (see Thomas Noe) and the unpopularity of Governor Bob Taft. The Senator's son, Pat DeWine, lost the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional District, suggesting DeWine's influence may be waning. DeWine could also face a tough primary challenge from several more conservative Republicans unhappy with his relatively centrist stances including his role as one of the Gang of 14 who intervened to stop a showdwon over judical nominees. The Repulican nominee will have to face a tough Democratic opponent Congressman Sherrod Brown. Iraq veteran Paul Hackett, who nearly captured the 2nd CD in a special election last year has quit politics, unhappy with the Democratic party for urging him to drop out of the senatorial race and into the OH-02 house race against Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. [2]

DeWine was caught using artificially altered video of the 9/11 attacks in one of his TV ads. (Source: PoliticalWire)

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Sen. George Voinovich (R)


  • Sen. George Voinovich (R)
  • Due for reeclection in 2010.

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