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This article discusses the 2006 election for U.S. House in Ohio, for an overview of House races see U.S. House election, 2006. It has been updated to reflect the primary election on May 2, 2006.



         Steve Chabot (R)  101,838  53%
         John Cranley (D)   90,963  47%
  • Outlook: Chabot and Cranley have been campaigning actively for some time. Incumbent Chabot has incumbency, business support and a larger war chest, Cranley has done well in prior races and as a Cincinnati Councilman and has labor and out-of-state support. They are both lawyers and Catholics from the west side of Cincinnati, and they sound very much alike on many key issues (Cranley is pro-life, for example). Toss-Up [1].
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         Jean Schmidt    (R)  115,817  51%
         Victoria Wulsin (D)  112,952  49%


         Michael Turner (R)  121,885  59%
         Richard Chema  (D)   86,389  41%
  • Outlook: Turner is popular and this district is solidly Republican. Former Democratic nominee Stephanie Studebaker withdrew after she and her husband were arrested for a domestic disturbance. Chema won a special primary election on September 15, 2006 to choose the new nominee. Democrats Roosevelt Chapman and Jane Mitakides filed, but withdrew to endorse Chema.
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         Jim Jordan     (R)  126,542  60%
         Richard Siferd (D)   83,929  40%


         Paul Gillmor   (R)  126,898  57%
         Robin Weirauch (D)   95,955  43%
  • Outlook: Another uphill battle for Weirauch in this rematch from 2004.
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  • Open Seat Ted Strickland (D)the incumbent is running for Governor.
  • Charlie Wilson (D) - Write-in candidate. State Senator, former State House Minority Whip. (cw)
  • Chuck Blasdel (R) - State House Speaker Pro Tem. (cw)
  • Jeff Woollard (cw)
  • General election results:
         Charles Wilson (D)  131,322  62%
         Chuck Blasdel  (R)   80,705  38%
  • Outlook: Blasdel is a force in the Ohio Republican Party. Wilson has good credentials but he inexplicably failed to get 50 valid signatures on his filing petition. But Wilson put together an awesome ground machine, and he received more write-in votes (43,692) in the primary than all the Republicans combined. Likely Democrat [3].
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  • Dave Hobson (R) Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • William Conner (D) - Software Developer, Aeronautical Engineer and Retired USAF Officer. (cw)
  • General election results:
         Dave Hobson    (R)  132,430  61%
         William Conner (D)   84,747  39%
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         John Boehner (R)  132,743  64%
         Mort Meier   (D)   74,641  36%
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         Marcy Kaptur    (D)  149,886  74%
         Bradley Leavitt (R)   53,803  26%


         Dennis Kucinich (D)  127,294  66%
         Michael Dovilla (R)   64,676  34%
  • Outlook: Kucinich's stands on national issues don't help him with the conservatives in this suburban and blue collar district, but he is nevertheless popular and very unlikely to lose. Dovilla is a former staffer in the Bush White House.
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         Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D)  132,585  83%
         Lindsey String        (R)   26,582  17%


  • Pat Tiberi (R) Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • Bob Shamansky (D) - Former Congressman, Attorney and Korean War Veteran (cw)
  • General election results:
         Pat Tiberi    (R)  137,909  58%
         Bob Shamansky (D)   99,287  42%
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  • Open Seat Sherrod Brown (D) is running for the Ohio Senate seat.
  • Betty Sutton (D) - former State Representative, former Summit County Councilwoman and attorney. (cw)
  • Craig Foltin (R) - Lorain Mayor, former Lorain City Auditor and Accountant (cw)
  • General election results:
         Betty Sutton (D)  129,290  61%
         Craig Foltin (R)   81,997  39%
  • Outlook: Foltin got just 37.1% of the vote against 4 fairly unknown candidates, while Democratic primary turnout was twice Republican turnout. Likely Democratic [4].
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  • Steve LaTourette (R) Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • Lewis Katz (D) - Law school professor. (cw)
  • Outlook: LaTourette has made trouble for himself. His late vote changes on CAFTA and the big budget bill did not go over well, particularly since he told an NPR reporter the night of his last-minute conversion on the budget bill that the voters back home in Chardon wouldn't notice because of how much snow they were getting that night. I don't know what he was thinking, but people in the district are pretty fed up with him.
  • General election results:
         Steven LaTourette (R)  136,375  58%
         Lewis Katz        (D) 	 92,600  39%
         Werner Lange      (I) 	  8,052   3%
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  • Deborah Pryce (R) Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • Mary Jo Kilroy (D). Franklin County Commissioner, ex-Columbus School Board and attorney. (cw)
  • Scott Wesseler (Green)
  • General election results:
         Deborah Pryce  (R)  101,636  51%
         Mary Jo Kilroy (D)   98,100  49%
  • Outlook: Kilroy is a force. She has brought energy and passion to her campaign. Pryce is powerful but will be tainted by her close connection to Tom DeLay. Expect this to be a hotly contested race. Toss-Up [5].
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         Ralph Regula (R)  124,886  59%
         Thomas Shaw  (D)   88,089  41%
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         Tim Ryan    (D)  166,279  80%
         Don Manning (R)   41,004  20%


         Zack Space  (D)  125,810  62%
         Joy Padgett (R)   77,267  38%
  • Outlook: Bob Ney was destroyed by his connection with corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and he has withdrawn from his re-election campaign. State Senator Joy Padgett replaced him as the Republican nominee, following a special primary election on September 14th. The Democratic field was the subject of several diaries on DailyKos, including this one and that one by comalog. I gather that Sulzer started out strong with good fund-raising and a glowing endorsement from Max Cleland, highlighting his military service, but Space has entered the race with a lot of energy and won the primary. Toss Up [6].
  • Update: On May 17, 2006, the House Ethics Committee agreeed to open an investigation on him, concurrently with a similar corruption probe of Louisana Democrat William J. Jefferson.
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