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Like the rest of Oklahoma, the territory of the First District was originally owned by Native Americans. Today the district is home to Tulsa, and that means such serious "party schools" as Oral Roberts University and Tulsa Community College. Forty miles north of Tulsa is Bartlesville, former location for the corporate offices of Conoco-Phillips. Everyone abandons Central Kansas.

Republican John Sullivan (House official Web Site) is the incumbent U.S. Representative for the District. He can tell his constituents a lot more about outlawing Gay Marriage than about getting high paying, secure jobs in Kansas.

2006 election cycle

  • John Sullivan (R): 116,914 64% (cw)
  • Alan Gentges (D): 56,721 31 cw
  • William "Bill" Wortman (I): 10,083 5% cw

2004 election cycle

  • John Sullivan (R): 187,129, 60%
  • Doug Dodd (D): 116,716, 38%

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